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Lifetime Theater Maker, Faux Musician, Visual Artist, World Traveler, Lover of Radio & Dogs

I've spent my life on stages

of all kinds,

a maker of theater, film, music.

Assuming roles.

Putting on character's clothes,

practicing funny walks,

wearing red noses.

Telling stories.

Now I tell stories on paper

with paint, pen and ink.

My site is a work-in-progress.

Thank you for being here.

Come back often!

South Carolina 2015 copy.JPG




7 new paintings and drawings produced during the Spring and Summer months...lots of distractions kept me away from the easel but I am happy to introduce the new work to you! Four of the paintings are part of a larger work entitled modestly The History of Culture (Part One); a large outdoor assembly and an ongoing series designed to decay over time. Just like me.

J. Vlad The Impaler jpg.jpg

WINTER 2023:  I've added four new paintings this winter--all available for viewing in the ARTWORK section. I have accepted two new commissions last year that resulted in a trio of portraits of the author Vladimir Nabokov and four paintings revolving around  the theme of The Great American Play
( with some gender reversals!) I am grateful for the commissions, as they spark new ideas and demand new explorations. Please enjoy!

Beny Moré House_edited.jpg

In addition, please visit the first entry on this new page, currently under construction:


Notes and writing from a life of theater and travel

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